Day 287: Miss Personality

Mommy & Daddy got a funny email from one of Madison’s teachers today. We had emailed about her botox and what to look for at school for the next few days and here was the response.

“Sending you a quick email to let you know that Madison is such a trooper and did very well this morning, though she did request to her volunteer once, “sit down” (which is really rare). She truly has a knack for remembering names and was keeping everyone in line today as she would call for them when they were not in the classroom. She was quite upset that Alma was not at school today and repeated “Alma not at school. Alma is sick.”

Our little peanut is a creature of habit and routine and needs to have things done a certain way and when and how she wants it.

In her school journal today it said:

“Madison has been talking so loud today! She pushed her friend in the spinning chair for a long time while standing. Madison had fun jumping on the trampoline while watching her friends play hockey. It was a great day!!”

Mommy spent the afternoon shopping with Nana for some Christmas maternity clothes and Madison spent her afternoon with Pam and Medford. She loved chasing their cat Bogie up the stairs and under the bed. She told us many times at dinner that she pet Bogie on the bed. After dinner Madison went for a swim with Ryan. They stayed in the hot pool for the whole lesson to keep her muscles warm, practiced some squats on the ramp and did some floats and pushes off the side.

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