Day 283: Sunday Photo Fun!

After a night at light up the beach with Grandma and Grandpa Ambos, Madison headed home this morning for a special photo shoot. Mommy’s good friend Andrea visited and took lots of great pictures of Madison with Mommy and Daddy and with Mommy’s baby bump. It was so great seeing Andrea and having photos of our family before we expand to a family of 4. It was also great for Mommy to have some baby bump photos as they didn’t happen before due to how early Madison arrived. Thank you Andrea and thanks to you and Evita for these beautiful flowers!


Madison spent the rest of her day hanging out with Daddy and Emily playing, doing a grocery shop, helping Daddy buy new shoes and then picking up Pizza and wings to watch the Grey Cup.


Auntie Em also helped Daddy with the Christmas lights…they are up and ready for the holidays!20151129_192920

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