Day 280:Loving the Pool!

Madison had a great day! When school was over her teacher and volunteer were very excited to report on her progress with standing. After sitting in her chair during quiet time she stood up out of her chair all by herself and stood for a few seconds! They were very proud of her and we were excited to hear all about it.


Madison was very happy to spend the afternoon with Pam and Medford. As soon as she got home she went over for some lunch, had a nap, watched Elmo and played. When it was time to leave she didn’t want to go home. Pam’s daughter Nicole gave Madison some very special stickers that she LOVED! A pack of Elmo stickers and Bubble Guppies stickers that she played with for most of the night.



Madison ended her day at VV for a swim with Ryan. Tonight was her first lesson she was really excited for and had no issues at all. She was loud and bubbly and talking up a storm.  She was very silly which Ryan had not seen before so he found it pretty funny. They worked on floats,  bobs, walking up the ramp and trying to use her arms to pull the water while floating on her back. She did a great job!


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