Day 275: A Day of Rest

Madison went to bed very late lastnight but got up around 9am, so she spent the morning in her PJ’S.  We didn’t disturb her – we just let her do whatever she wanted to relax and take it easy. Mommy’s friend Lisa came over for a visit and to deliver food and snacks from all of Mommy’s friends at Branksome.  It was a lovely treat – thank you everyone!  After a nice visit with Lisa, Madison had a good nap and so did Mommy. Madison then visited with Pam and Medford and all of their family at their open house. She loves going over and did not want to leave. Mommy and Daddy needed a much needed rest after yesterday so Madison went over to Nana and Papa Gregoire’s for a sleepover. She played, had spegetti for dinner, played in the bath and then was off to bed after watching the leafs loose. It was a very laid back day which was much needed by everyone.

Photos of Madison visiting with Pam and Medford


Madison’s teacher sent us a picture of her in a new walker she is trying at school


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