Day 273: Visiting Old Friends

This afternoon Madison visited her first daycare to deliver a different is beautiful calendar. She recognized it as soon as we pulled up and waved to everyone she knew on the playground. When she went into the infant room to visit her past teachers she was a little bit shy and a bit confused but waved hi, blew kisses and had a nice play and visit.  It was nice to go back and see everyone.


Madison had a swim class with Ryan tonight. One of the things they worked on was transitioning from sitting on the side of the pool to putting her feet flat against the wall to pushing off as a way to enter the water. Ryan told her the different steps of what she needed to do and she listened well and did a great job following through. They also worked on walking in the water up the ramp and floating on her back.

Madison trying to push off the wall with her feet to enter the water.

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