Day 270: A New Friend!

After a fun afternoon with Nana, Madison headed home for a quick dinner and then got ready to meet her new friend Emily. She was very excited knowing that they would be hanging out in the basement as its been her favourite place to be lately. Emily is a family friend who is a recent kinesiology graduate who works at a physio clinic in Pickering. She hopes to attend physiotherapy school in the near future and is interested in learning about the different things Madison does for therapy. She will be coming to our house every Monday night for a few hours to play with Madison and work with her on her different goals such as sitting to standing, walking, stretching, using her walker etc. All good stuff to help Madison do while they play together! It is also super helpful for Mommy and Daddy to have some time to get things done and for Mommy to rest and keep cooking baby #2. Madison was so happy to tell us all about her play with Emily at bedtime and can’t wait for her to come back.

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