Day 266: Daddy Daughter Thursday

After school Madison spent her day with her Daddy. They started their afternoon with a trip to the doctors for her flu shot. She was super brave and was in and out with no tears. They then headed to Home Depot to look at the Christmas inflatables and rode around in the cart looking for odds and ends for the house. When they got home Daddy made Madi her favourite dinner and they played with her new walker toy. She missed swimming tonight due to her stuffy nose. When Mommy got home from her appointment Madi was exhausted and had a long snuggle with Mommy’s tummy.

Shopping Girl!
Shopping Girl!
Waving hi to her brother
Snuggling on Mommy’s tummy waving hi to her brother

Mommy and Daddy also realized how much Madison understands about Christmas. After dinner we told her she is going to see Santa at the parade on Sunday and she will give him a letter of what she is asking from him for Christmas. She was then asked what she wants and she answered: Bubble Book, Elmo Colouring Book, milk, stickers, a cookie and a sleeping baby doll. She put alot of thought and time into each answer. It was really cute and pretty funny.

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