Day 263: Back to Normal

Madison had a regular Monday which was much needed. After school she had a nap and lunch and then spent the afternoon next door with Pam and Medford.  She had lots of fun watching Elmo, playing with water, playing with her favourite balls and making some music on the piano. Mommy and Daddy were also grateful for the help as Mommy is back home resting. The other normal that we’ve noticed with Madi’s Mondays is it seems to be her stiffest day of the week. Everyday during the week she does some sort of therapy or activity and then we give her a break on weekends. It’s nice for her to have the break but we notice the consequences of that on Mondays with her tone. Perhaps stretching over the weekends will begin.

Madison and Pam Playing the Piano!


Calendar Update:

The Happy Soul Project 2016 calendar order has been shipped and is on its way in many boxes! We should receive our order this week and can hopefully start delivering to everyone this coming weekend.

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