Day 243: MRI Update

Madison arrived home from school today to a Halloween gift from Pam and Medford. She loved ripping the paper out of the gift bag. Pam made Madison a Halloween pillowcase for her new bed. It’s beautiful and so fun! Madison pulled it around with her for most of the afternoon  and is currently sleeping with it. Thanks Pam!




MRI Update:

This afternoon we had a phone interview with an intake nurse at Sick Kids Hospital. They needed to do an initial screen of questions to help them prepare for booking Madison for an MRI. They reviewed her medical history as well as general health conditions with heart, airway, eating and sleeping patterns etc. They purposed to us an alternate method for getting the scans they need without having to put Madison under via IV. What they do with some children who are generally healthy and are young is try an MRI at night after their bedtime. Essentially we would wake Madison up early one morning, keep her awake all day with no nap and then bring her to Sick Kids at her bedtime. They would put us in a room with a bed, let us do our regular bedtime routine (book, milk etc) and then give her Melatonin. Once she is asleep they attempt the MRI. Due to the fact they want an MRI of her brain, spine and hips they think it will take 1.5 hours to complete the procedure. Once finished we would bring her home to sleep for the rest of the night. They will also keep Madison on the wait list for an MRI through anasthesia in case she moves too much during the first method and they don’t get the images they need. We will give the first method a shot since we don’t have to put her under and the wait list is only 4-6 weeks. The wait list for general anasthesia is 6-8 months. Now that they have a plan and all her information we are waiting for our booking date and plan from her nurse. We are looking forward to having baseline images of her brain, spine and hips so her various doctors can continue with developing her ongoing treatment plans and next steps.

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