Day 236: CP-NET

Madison is taking part in a study funded by the Ontario Brain Institute through CP-NET that is collecting information about kids in Ontario who have been diagnosed with CP. Their goal is to better understand how many kids are affected by CP in different parts of Ontario and to better understand the causes of CP.


The study is for children aged 2-7. Madison’s participation will help allow researchers to study the causes of CP, improve diagnoses and develop treatments and interventions. They hope to find ways to prevent CP and improve care in the future.

If you are in the Grandview catchment area and want to participate you contact Angela Kielbowski at Grandview. If you are in the Bloorview catchment area the Principal Investigator leading the study is Dr. Darcy Fehlings at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.


A Reminder if you would like to purchase a Happy Soul Project ‘Different is beautiful’ calendar we will be placing our order this coming Thursday.


Physio of the day:

This afternoon Madison had no appointments so she spent the afternoon doing activities at home. One of her activities was standing independently. Madison started by sitting in a straddle position on Mama’s leg. She then says “nose over toes” and presses up to a standing position. She then squeezes her legs against Mama’s legs to try and hold herself up in a free standing position. She is able to hold it right now for about 1 second.


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