Day 227: Golf Tournament!

Today was the Annual Mike Gregoire Memorial Golf Tournament. We are grateful that Madison was one of the recipients of funds raised in this year’s tournament for her rehabilitation fund. Madison just turned 2 and has already received more therapy then probably most people who attended tonight – and we think we had an astounding 250+ people in attendance which was fabulous!

Being exposed to all her services from such a young age has drastically improved her physical development and she continues to make huge gains each and every day.

Right now Madison uses her walker and braces to try and walk independently, but it is our hope that with continued support through her therapies that she will one day be able to walk unassisted. In fact one of her therapists believes she will be able to take 2 independent steps by the end of October.

We are not sure what the future will hold for Madison in terms of therapies, surgeries, medication and equipment she may need so we are extremely grateful for everyone who attended the golf tournament today, those who donated and provided silent auction and door prizes. Thank you for supporting us to help give Madison everything she will need to be the person that she wants to be.

We want to thank Lisa, Patrick and Jessica Gregoire for thinking of us when deciding on who they wanted to help through the tournament. We are so appreciative for their support.

We also want to thank the organizing committee – Gerry, Kathleen, Theresa, Marianne and as well all of our family and friends who continue to support us and Madison. Many people help us through taking Madison to appointments, different therapies, helping us talk through important decisions, following our blog and loving her so much with their kind words and giving spirit.

Thank you to all the volunteers today who were out on the course all day, setting up the silent auction and 50-50 draw and to Deer Creek for hosting us today and providing excellent food and service.

Today was an extremely successful tournament. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and thank you again for participating and honoring Mike, our families and supporting Madison.

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