Day 224: Specialist Appointment


Madison visited the Grandview Oshawa location today to meet with Dr. Watt. He is a Developmental Paediatrician of 30 plus years who specializes in rehabilitation in children with CP. He works out of Alberta but visits Toronto every few months to work with families from Grandview. He was excellent!!! He met with us for 1.5 hours. He talked to us about everything from dealing with the emotions around diagnosis, options for therapy, short term goals and long term goals, confirming diagnosis and possible future surgeries and treatment options. He confirmed that we are on the right track with our choice of therapies for Madison and that a good short term option for treating her tone is Botox. He was very knowledgeable with what people are doing in other countries,  current research and studies that are being done and educated us on things to stay away from or look for in inappropriate therapies. He was very happy to hear that Madison will be receiving an MRI at Sick Kids of both her brain and her spine and he would also like Madison to have a hip x-ray done. He loved working with Madison and assessing her and would like to see her again in 6 months to review imaging and see how she responds to Botox. He was a breath of fresh air and we learned so much in our short time with him. We feel extremely lucky to have a doctor with his experience and expertise looking out for Madison’s best interests and helping guide us through the next few years.

Madison then spent her evening with Nana & Papa while we went to the golf course to stuff golfers bags for the upcoming golf tournament this Sunday. Madison and Nana read a special new book from our friend Bonnie. Bonne dropped by tonight with items for the golf tournament and a special Blue Jays ball and a horse stuffy to go with her special new horse book. She tried to take some selfies with Papa and then was sad when they couldn’t play anymore and had to go to bed.

madi and nana madi and papa madi sad

Madison ended up passing out from her busy day. She still tries to fight bedtime so she can play, but with all her activity lately bedtime is starting earlier and earlier.

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