Day 199: #differentisbeautiful photo shoot

Madison had a blast this morning working with The Happy Soul project at a photo shoot for their different is beautiful upcoming calendar. We all were honoured to be a part of such a positive and inspirational group helping to spread a very important message…that our differences are what make us beautiful. Madi showed off her walker and new sneakers and contagious smile and did a great job. The calendar will be ready and on sale in October. Proceeds go to The Happy Soul Project and their Kick It Capes campaign. Calendars are $25 and can be ordered through us to avoid shipping costs. Thanks Happy Soul Project for allowing us to be a part of such an amazing project.

image image image image

After her photos were done we were on our way home and noticed an IKEA in the same parking lot! Perfect as we have been trying to find time to go and get Madi her new bed and the bed sale ends tomorrow. We chose a bed that is low to the ground, is adjustable in length as she grows, has a low but firm mattress and has bars for her to hold onto to help herself get in and out of bed.

image image image

When we got home Madison had a nice visit with out neighbour Pam who gave Madison an early birthday present. She wanted Madison to have her gift before Pre-School starts. She made Madison a beautiful blanket that Madison can take with her for all her early morning car rides downtown to snuggle with and keep warm in the car once the weather starts to change. Madison loves the blanket!! Thank you so much Pam!

image image image

After some playtime at home, Madison headed over to Nana & Papa’s for a family BBQ. She loves her cousin Nate so much and was so excited to see him. They had a good time playing. Papa & Nana have been hard at work making a bedroom for Nate, Madi and future grandkids for sleepovers and afternoons after pre-school. The room was revealed to the kids tonight and they loved it! Thank you Papa & Nana for such a beautiful space for your grandkids to grow into.

image image image image image image image image image image image

One thought on “Day 199: #differentisbeautiful photo shoot”

  1. Madi looks so beautiful in the calendar shoot. We will need 2 or 3 calendars for different floors in the house and 1 for the office.


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