Day 190: Final Day of Craziness!

Today was Madison’s last day of orientation at her school. She has been downtown for either school or therapy everyday for the last two weeks. Partnered with afternoons at therapy and swimming to add to the crazy jam packed days….we are finished and we survived!

Madison had a great morning at school. She loves playing in her egg chair and having story time. Nana and Papa Gregoire visited her school today to check out her program, see the building and plan parking for pickups. Madison got fitted for her new chair and her walker is placed in her classroom and ready to go. The next time Madison is there will be for her first day on the 8th.







During Madison’s nap today we heard her scream “Mommy! Daddy! Pee pee” and repeated it several times. We went up to her room and found her standing in her crib, butt naked with no diaper in sight and with her whole crib and sheets soaked. We hope she learnt her lesson of what happens when she takes her diaper off during nap time.

Madison finished her day with a girls night out for dinner with Auntie Liz. She had her classic choice – chicken fingers and fries with apple juice. Her Auntie Liz knows well about Madison’s obsession with books and brought her 2 new ones to explore during dinner. It was a great way to end a crazy few weeks.


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