Day 182: AFO Fun!

Madison was back at orientation at her new school this morning.  She did a great job with the paints and loved story time. Her favourite part was having choice of what she wanted at snack time.  She kept shoveling everything in her mouth as fast as she could so her bowl would be empty and she could pick something else to eat.




After a well deserved nap Madison went to see Dr Eric to check her AFO’S. Madison received her AFO’S 5 months ago and has already grown 1.5 shoe sizes bigger.  He attempted to add an extension to the toe part of the boot and calf part. We drove to the mall to quickly pick up a bigger pair of runners to size for the new extenders. After several attempts in his shop and 2.5 hours later we left her AFO’S with him for the weekend to figure them out. The length is better but she still has pressure marks from them not fitting perfectly. Hopefully we will get them back next week for all her up coming therapy.




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