Day 139: Back to Gym Class!

Madison started back at My Gym this morning with her friend Charlotte. She was a bit unsure at the start of class since it had been a while since we last did a class there. She stretched, danced, had free play, practiced front somersaults and watched a puppet show. Her favourite part was swinging next to her friend Charlotte on the big girl swing. She did a great job and we are happy to be back!


Day 138: Summer Physio

This morning Madison started her summer block of physio at Grandview with Kate. It was a fantastic first session. Kate used all of the recommendations from the baby course in Richmond Hill and we were very excited to see the progress and abilities Madison has grown in. Madison will continue with Kate once a week until September.





Day 137: Easy Monday

Madison spent her morning with Pam and Medford playing while Mama and Dada cleaned out closets and put together donation bags for CP Ontario clothing donations. If anyone has items they were looking to donate, feel free to drop it off at our place before Thursday. The truck is picking up our donations on Thursday morning. After her nap she had a lazy afternoon playing with Dada. She took Carter for a walk to get some ice cream and had a quick visit with Nathan, Nadia and Mark. It was a nice relaxing Monday which was good as physio and gym class start back up this week.

James and Madison have started their own band…a floor band!

image image

Day 136: Pan Am Torch Relay

Guest Post By Grampa Gregoire

Today Madison took Nana and Grampa to Variety Village to see the Pan Am torch relay arrive. Madison saw the torch and she saw Pachi. She wasn’t too sure about Pachi but enjoyed sitting under a tree with Nana. She saw her coach Ryan and she saw Archie and Chris who came by to say hi. Nina also said hi. Madison said DaDa when she saw the police escort. Momma and Madison then headed home for a swim in Madison’s new pool

image image image image image image image image image image





Day 135: Fun with Auntie Em!

Madison had a fun day playing and shopping with her Auntie Em. She went out for a yummy breakfast, went craft shopping and then a trip to the mall to visit all the animals at PJ’s Pets. After her nap she had a fun time playing in the backyard.

image image image

Madison then headed to Grandma and Grandpa Ambos’ house for a BBQ in their new backyard. She loved blowing bubbles with Stanley and practicing her walking on the new patio and grass. She even had a surprise visit from her Uncle Brad who was home from training. She tried pickles for the first time and loved them – her cousin Stephanie would be proud!

image image imageimage

Day 134: New Outdoor Toys!

Madison went on a shopping spree this afternoon at the Toys R Us sale to get some new outdoor toys. We want her outside as much as possible and to play with things that are within her realm of ability. She is also having some difficulties with certain textures on her feet (grass is one of them) so her new toys will hopefully distract her from the feeling of the grass and then hopefully she will get use to it.

Madison supervising the build


She loves her slide and water table!


Queen of the castle!


She also has a pool that will be put out tomorrow or Sunday that we know she will love. Unfortunately it wasn’t able to fit in the car with all the other toys, so Nana and Grampa Gregoire made the trek out to Pickering tonight with the truck to deliver the pool! Thank you!

Day 133: Outside Gym

Madison has some new ropes outside for her to practice walking on the grass. The ropes are unstable which forces her to catch her balance and coordinate her hands moving forwards with feet moving forwards. She did great!



Madison also had a swim lesson with Ryan this afternoon. It had been a few weeks since they swam together but she only had 1 minute of tears and then they had a great lesson together.

Dada was proud of his little swimmer!