Day 152: Cheering on Uncle & Auntie

Madison’s therapy for today was at Grandview with Kate. She did an awsome job working on her transitions, side stepping, stairs and standing independantly against the wall. She’s making big progress this summer we are so pumped!




Madison ended her day cheering on Aunt Nadia and Uncle Mark at their softball game. She loved being silly and watching all the players with her cousin Nate.


Day 151: Steps in the right direction

Madison had a very active day that started with a trip to Home Depot. Today was the first time we brought Madison’s walker out in the community to use in a store. She did a fantastic job walking up and down the aisles helping Dada find light bulbs. It was harder then I thought seeing peoples reactions. They were giving the usual “she’s so cute” look but also looks of feeling sorry for her which is always hard to see. Taking her out in her walker and not just her stroller is something we have to start doing more often to help her build endurance, confidence and independence. She took some great steps forward today and her Mama and Dada did too.


This afternoon Madison started back at March of Dimes for her conductive education class. She worked on lots of side stepping and walking. It’s so encouraging to see how strong she is getting.  The best part of the day was when her conductor did an exercise with her for Madison to try and stand independently….and she did it for 1 second!!!! She’s back at March of Dimes Thursday and Friday this week so maybe she will do it for 2 seconds!!!

Madi certainly worked her butt off today and is now passed out in bed.



Day 150: Visiting with the Athletes

Grampa took Madison for a walk this morning to visit the Athletes training at Birchmount Stadium for the upcoming Pan Am athletic events. Apparently she was quite the hit with the Cuban woman’s relay team.


This visit was good motivation for Madison as she had a great afternoon of physio around the house. Her activities included chasing balls around and giving them to Stitch and helping Dada unload and load the dishwasher sitting up on high knees, twisting and turning to pass the dishes.




Any sort of activity that Madison shows interest in thats repetitive in gross motor movements we encourage, give attention to and show lots of enthusiasm and excitment so that she will continue in the activity as long as possible. Even though we stayed home this afternoon to beat the heat, she had a very busy and active day.

Day 149: Hidden Physio & The Happy Soul Project

Madison had a typical day playing and being out & about…little did she know we were hiding physio exercises in most of what she did. It’s a good way to get some goals addressed and to have fun at the same time. When Madison sat in the cart during our grocery shop I alternated sides of the cart to pass her things. She took it in her hand, turned her body and then dropped the item in the cart. Great core and balance workout.  When she played at her water table in the backyard, she stood by herself at the table for almost 45 minutes side stepping around and around the table. The coordination of her side step is getting pretty good.


Happy Soul Project!

On our journey to the cottage this past week we made a stop in Kingston to a local shop to pick up some tshirt ‘ s to support the Happy Soul Project!

The Happy Soul Project started out as a way for a mom to share her story of raising two children, one who has down syndrome. The Happy Soul Project is about striving to be grateful no matter what happens in life. It’s about accepting the life fate gave you, seeing the beauty in the challenges and the hope in the hardships. It’s about finding joy unexpectedly, becoming a kinder person and continuing to always have an open mind.  It’s about breaking down stigmas, changing perspectives and celebrating differences. We fell in love with this blog when we were first introduced to it and have been following it ever since. It was a big inspiration for starting Madi Moves. We will always encourage Madison to show the world her magic and beauty and help spread the message of the Happy Soul Project that #differentisbeautiful.




Day 145 – Day 148: Gregoire Family Vacation

Madison had a great 5 days on vacation. We ventured to Westport which is north of Kingston to a rental cottage. It was an extra special time as this was the first vacation Nana and Grampa Gregoire had been on since Nana’s transplant. Madison and Nate had secretly planned some early morning play dates which everyone ended up being a part of. They practiced their sitting together, had many wrestling matches, swam, blew bubbles, bounced on Grampas knee, sang with Nana and tagged off on alternating naps. Madison had a bit of a break from her AFO’s and physio although we squeezed in stretching when we could and Madison fell in love with walking up and down the deck stairs. Poor Grampa and Dada’s backs will be sore for the next few days. Uncle Mark and Grampa taught Madison how to play crockette and she was so proud hitting the ball.  She went to the beach, found ice cream in town, had a fire by the water, went for a boat ride and out for dinner on our last night to celebrate Auntie Nadia’s birthday. She loved watching Carter swim and chase his water toy and then run right back to shake all the water off. I think most of all she loved all the yummy food and time with everyone.

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Day 144: Family Vacation

We are away for the week on family vacation with limited reception. Madison had a blast with her car buddy Carter pulling his ears the whole way. Her and Nate are now inseparable.  Day one was full of play time, bubbles and baby wrestling. We will be doing a big post at the end of the week. Have a great week and Madi Moves will be back on Saturday.




Day 143: New Sitting Skills

Madison started her day with Nana and Grampa while Mama prepared for the cottage and Dada delivered Stitch to Aunt Emily’s house. Madison read with Nana, played with hers and Nate’s new standing activity centre and prepared breakfast in her kitchen.




After her nap, Madison practiced sitting in her pack and play. Most people would look at this picture and probably think – what’s the big deal. But we were so excited and happy and celebrated how she was sitting.  Usually Madison can only sit independantly by crossing her legs and tucking them in front of her. She was able to do what her therapists call ‘long sitting’ with her legs straight out in front of her. We were so happy!


Day 140: Clean Out & Clean Up!

It’s a great feeling cleaning things out and cleaning up…but an even better feeling knowing that the things cleaned out are going to help out an organization like Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy. 5 bags of clothes were picked up this morning which is great for our closets!



Madison and Nana spent time this afternoon reading books, playing music and having some lunch while Mama and Dada cleaned out more closets, cleaned out the cars, cleaned and changed over some of Madison’s toys and ran some errands. We are closer to being packed and prepped for the cottage next week.