Day 128: Day 2 of Baby Course

Madison had her second morning in the baby PT/OT course. Today they focused on trying to relax her core by wiggling her on a physio ball to take her out of her “comfort plain” of motion. It worked really well as the following activities she had more range of motion and control. They also worked on going up and down stairs and walking with her arms out wide to the side to force the engagement of her core. It was another great morning.

Madison practiced dressing herself by taking her shirt off and then back on and taking her AFO’S on and off.




Walking to the car


With all the appointments, driving etc. Mama and Dada hadn’t yet celebrated the end of the school year so a visit to The Works for dinner and then the movie Inside Out was much needed. Nana and Grampa hung out with Madison, read stories and played around the house while it continued to poor rain. Thanks Nana and Grampa for the date night!

Selfie in the Elmo balloon!


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