Day 115: A Special Moment

Madison is once again under the weather…this time an ear infection. James and I are not feeling well either so we spent our Sunday morning at the walk in clinic. All 3 getting checked was a first. After a lazy lying around day we left Madison with her Nana and Grampa so we could go and do something special.

Nana and Grampa cuddling and comforting Madison while she wasn’t feeling well.


Nap time!


Grampa & Madi calling for Stitch to go upstairs


While Madi was on the mend at home, James, Emily & I went to Seven Crowns Tattoo and James got his tattoo. It was a special moment and decision that he made. I was very proud of the way he chose to show his love, support and how proud he is of his family in the form of art on his arm. When we discovered that the ribbon colour for Cerebral Palsy was the same as organ donor awareness- GREEN- he knew instantly he wanted to find a way to show his support of our family and the ribbon together in a tattoo. I think it turned out beautiful and I can’t wait until it heals and he can show Madi and let her touch it and for her to learn one day of what it means to us. As Emily said so nicely,  the meaning behind the ribbon doesn’t define our family, it’s just a part of it, like in the tattoo.  




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