Day 100: Thank You!!

Wow! 100 days…100 posts!  Thank you to everyone for following and cheering for our special cutie. This blog has been very therapeutic and special for James and I to experience with all of you. We feel very blessed to have so many people involved in Madison’s life and helping us every step of the way.


This morning Madison got her hair cut. We went to Melon heads in whitby and Madison drove her plane while getting a trim. The women was very kind and patient. Madison had a tough time holding her head up and sitting up straight with the angle of the chair. I ended up having to hold her so her bangs would be cut straight. She is growing and has been tighter then usual so I think that also contributed to her difficulty sitting.




At the end she got to ride the horse! It was pretty funny because she was laughing…but it was more of a nervous laugh. I was proud of her for holding on and using her core strength to not fall off.



Later in the day after her nap she sat in her highchair to have a snack. She lifted up her shirt, smacked her diaper a few times and said “Mommy pee pee” I laughed so hard, mostly because I was caught off guard and shocked. of course she said it over and over to get a reaction from me. We were going to start potty training in September at her new daycare, but I think we will be starting it sooner. Most potty’s have no back support, so if anyone can recommend a potty that is supportive for sitting please let me know.

The adventure continues….

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