Day 94: Great Friends

After spending the morning with Nana and Grampa, Madison had some family & friends over this afternoon to explore more about the world of essential oils. Madison has some more oils on the way that we are excited to incorporate into her treatment. One is wild orange that we will use as hand sanitizer. Perfect timing now that we all have the cold germs hanging around.

Madison had so much fun with her cousin Nate and friend Charlie, while the moms did some shopping.

pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5


Yesterday Madison spent some time with our neighbours Pam & Medford while we ran some errands and prepped for Moms party.

Here is their guest post:

“Madison loves to take off the window deflectors we use to avoid birds flying into our patio door windows .
I put these deflectors on with scotch tape. Madison loves to take these off. She first takes off the paper cut out , turns it over and takes off the scotch tape. When the scotch tape sticks to her fingers and she can’t get it off , she then asked for help. She is just so intent in getting the scotch tape back on the glass so she can then put the paper cut on. Madison then as a diversion puts the tape to her mouth and I say, nonono , she laughs a great big laugh and thinks this is a great game. She is a special cutie. We love her.

Medford Medford2 Medford3

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