Day 12: AFO’S!!

This morning was very busy, but a great success! Madison had her last block of therapy with Kathy and Kate. 20150303_092653



At physio Madison worked on playing on her knees, crawling, sitting on a bench to standing and practising in her demo walker. We also explored a bike that we will be looking into in the near future. They were really happy with her gains this block and can’t wait to see how much she continues to change. We will be back at Grandview next week to pick up her new walker, but her physiotherapy and occupational therapy is now on a break until the end of April.

We left Grandview and headed to her fitting for her AFO’S.




For those of you that don’t know, AFO stands for ankle foot orthotics. Madison will now use them all day long to help her heel drop to the floor to develop her walking skills with better balance. Currently Madison stands on her toes due to her high tone in her legs, particularly in her hamstrings and ankles. Her AFO’S have hinges on the back above the heel/ankle. This will help when she sits, squats or plays on the floor. The hinge makes it not as rigid. They are pretty cool looking- pink with butterfly’s!

Madison is a super star and such a little trooper! The fitting today took 2 hours. They made many adjustments in their back shop to make sure everything was perfect for her. She also seems to really like them which we wernt expecting. We had heard many stories from other parents which involved kicking and screaming but she seems to be proud to wear them. We are so happy and thankful that she now has these. We truly feel these supports will be life changing for her and we can’t wait to see what happens next!


Lucky girl celebrated with a sucker!

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