Day 2: Small wins!


The weekly grocery shop. Something most people dread, but for me I look forward to it every week. Ever since Madi was diagnosed with CP I have been looking for the small wins in our day to day life and have not focused on the big stuff. The small wins are what bring a smile to my face, and to hers. Madi is now 17 months and struggles to sit independently.  She wants to sit so badly because she loves seeing the world vertically like everyone else. When she sits in the grocery cart every week she beams with joy and is so proud that she can sit and see everyone all around her. It’s so much fun to wonder up and down the aisles watching her wave, say hi and blow kisses to complete strangers.  It brings me such joy to see all the smiles and laughs she puts on everyone’s faces she meets. She loves to kick her legs freely, try and throw things out of the cart and can be so gross at times trying to chew and lick the carts handles and metal pieces. Gross! But I love our time together at the grocery store where she can be proud and I can watch her shine. Cheers to the small wins!

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