Day 547: Up and … Madi

While Daddy was briefing auntie em on “life at the zoo”, em thought she heard a knock at the door. So we walked to the bottom of the stairs and looked up, and who did we see? Madi! She had gotten out of bed, crawled to the door and somehow opened the door and was sitting at the top of the landing, ready to play.

Here are some pics from the day.

A big Thank you to auntie nadia and Nana and papa who came to daddy’s rescue and helped with bedtime  when he needed a time out. 

Day 546: A Guide to Madi’s day

At breakfast this morning, Daddy asked madi what she wanted to do today. She replied right away “daddy cut the grass, pick up carter’s poop, then we play in the backyard and then wait on the bench for mommy”. … well we didn’t quite do that today. Madi instead went to MOD for her last summer session! She was so tight this morning daddy struggled to put madi’s shoes. She couldn’t put her heels to the floor.

MOD was fun for her last session. They made paper bracelets and even did chalk outside!

After MOD it was time to play at Nana before heading back home.