Day 448: M.O.D. Movie Star!

Madison did an excellent job with Monika at March of Dimes today. During her class she was filmed for a short video that is being put together for their upcoming Ability and Beyond dinner. The video is an oppertinjty to share with others all the success Madison has experienced at conductive education and to help raise awareness and funds for the future of the program and all its participants. Mommy was also interviewed and will be presenting an award at the dinner in a few weeks. Here is a small blurb of what Mommy answered to one of the questions:

What has CE done for Madison?

Madison has thrived in the CE program. She continues to progress each and every class. 
When she first started she was learning how to sit and roll over and now she is standing independently and taking independent steps. She is also now learning how to use quad canes by herself.
She has become more confident, resilient and a risk taker because of the work she has done in CE. 
One of the biggest changes we have seen is her self awareness in controlling her body and what she wants to do. They have taught her to really stop and think about her movements associated with a task before moving forward. 
Her conductors truly care about her and her progression and Madison loves going each and every week because of the success she has experienced. 
Our family is always looking for ways to give back to those who have made such an impact with what they have done for Madison, so we were all very happy to be a part of this project.

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